residential_glass_imageProtecting your furniture, draperies, and carpets from premature fading:

You want the beauty of natural sunlight, but the tradeoff is that any upholstered or wooden furniture left exposed to that sunlight is subject to fading, cracking, or worse. Window films can block 99% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays with SPF factors at or near 1000.

Tinting is a green technology:

Rising energy costs mean that cooling your home to a comfortable temperature gets more expensive all the time. Window tinting blocks up to 80% of solar energy, while reducing hot spots and balancing out the temperature across your home. The net result is that your thermostats and cooling system interoperate the way they are supposed to. You and your family are comfortable throughout the house, and your energy bill is lowered by as much as 30%.

Family Safety

UV Protection:
Society is increasingly knowledgeable about the harmful effects of the Sun’s UV rays. We wouldn’t think of letting our children play in the hot sun without sunblock, and we wear sunglasses to protect our eyes. Window films can have SPF factors at or near 1000 and block 99% of UV rays.

Shatter Protection:
Windows that have been tinted with safety film do not shatter. This makes your home safer for your family in the event of an earthquake. Safety film can also prevent a robber from smashing a window to gain entry to your home.